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Physiology of Sensory receptors

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What is a Sensory receptor?

How can receptors be classified?

  • Mechanoreceptors
  • Chemoreceptors
  • Thermoreceptors
  • Photoreceptors 
  • Nociceptor 

What does the specific sensitivity of a receptor imply?How does an adequate stimulus differ from an inappropriate one?Sensory Transduction.How is phototransduction in the retina accomplished?What is a Receptive field and what are some of its features?How do Glabrous and Hairy Skin differ from other Sensory receptors? Name the cutaneous mechanoreceptors!

  • Merkel’s cells
  • Meissner’s corpuscle
  • Pacinian corpuscle
  • Free nerve endings
  • Hair follicle receptors
  • Ruffini endings

What are some important features of the Merkel’s cells ? Name three Muscle and Joint receptors and some of their features!

  • Free nerve endings
  • muscle spindles
  • Golgi tendon organs

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