Chronic mercury poisoning: Features


  • Tremor (Intentional, coarse, affecting arms, hands, tongue and later legs, also called hatter's shake/glass blower's shake/danbury tremors)
  • Acrodynia (Pink disease, characterised by pain, paraesthesia, pinkish discolouration of hands and feets)
  • Blue-Black line on gums
  • Lentis (Mercuria lentis, deposition of brown pigment on anterior lens capsule without affecting visual acuity)
  • Erethism (Psychological disturbance characterised by shyness, timidness, loss of memory, depression, insomnia)

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Did you know?

imageMercury in any form is toxic.
imageMercury also known as quicksilver is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.

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