Eye signs in Thyrotoxicosis

Use these tips to remember eye signs.

  • Stellwag's sign: 'Stellar is used to describe stars!' i.e., starring look.
  • von Graefe's sign: 'We look down in grief!' i.e., lid lag, tested by asking patient to look down.
  • Joffroy's sign: ''ff' resembles wrinkles!' And wrinkles are off in Joffroy's sign.
  • Moebius sign: 'Meeting of Eye balls is Unsuccessful!'
  • DaLRymple's sign: 'Upper eyeLid Retraction!'
  • Rosenbach's sign: 'Roses tremble in the wind!' i.e., tremor of closed eyelids.

First 4 signs to appear are:

'Stella Won JoMe!'


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