Weeks 2,3,4 of development: Events


    Week 2 : Bilaminar germ disc

    Week 3 : Trilaminar germ disc

    Week 4 : 4 limbs appear




Vitelline duct: Time of closure



  • The VItelline duct usually closes around week VI of intrauterine life.




Cartilage of Second branchial arch: Derivatives

'5 S' :

  • Stapes
  • Styloid process
  • Stylohyoid ligament
  • Smaller (lesser) cornu of hyoid
  • Superior part of body of hyoid



First branchial arch: Overview

"The First arch IMPACTS!"

Most of the aspects associated with the first arch begin with the letter 'M' and the rest with IPACT or S!

1. Name

  • It is also known as the Mandibular arch.

2. Muscles

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