Community Medicine-SPM

Protein content of milk

' For ease it can be remebered as multiples of 1.1 '

  • Human: 1.1
  • Cow: 2.2
  • Buffalo: 3.3 
  • Goat: 4.4



Sensitivity & specificity of tests

' NNN '

  • Highly seNsitive tests have No false Negatives
  • And highly sPecific tests have no false Positives

Sensitivity of a test is it's ability to correctly detect all those who have the disease, ie., 'true positives'  and specificity is the ability of the test to correctly detect those who do not have the disease, ie., 'true negatives' ,


Antioxidant vitamins



'ACES' to include the mineral Selenium.


Normal human immunoglobulin: Uses

' HAM '

Normal human immunoglobulin is used in Hepatitis A and prophylaxis of  Measles.

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