Citric acid cycle: Steps

"Oh Citric Acid Is Ofcourse A Silly Stupid Funny Molecule":


Golgi complex: functions

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  • Distributes proteins and lipids from ER
  • Add mannose onto specific lysosome proteins
  • Sulfation of sugars and selected tyrosine
  • Proteoglycan assembly
  • Add O-oligosugars to serine and threnonine
  • Modify N-ologosugars on asparagine


Dicarboxylic acids (alpha, omega) C2 through C10: Common names

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xalic Malonic Succinic Glutaric Adipic Pimelic Suberic Azelaic Sebacic acids




Na+/K+ pump: movement of ions and quantity

  • K+ and 'in' each consist of 2 characters, so so 2 K+ are pumped in.
  • Na+ and 'out' each consist of 3 characters, so 3 Na+ are pumped out
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