Initiating and Terminating Codons

It is difficult to recollect the Initiating and Terminating codons. Give it a try!


A. Initiating Codon

  • AUG: Augments (initiates) the Protein Synthesis. AUG also codes for Methionine.


B. Stop/Non-sense Codons/Terminating Codons 


Composition of Nucleotides & Nucleosides

 Composition of Nucleotides/Nucleosides

  • Nucleotide has BSP ---> Think: "Bahujan Samaj Party"--> Bases, Sugar (Ribose), Phosphates 
  • Nucleoside has BS  ---> Think: "Blood Sugar"--> Bases & Sugar (Ribose)


NB: BSP is a popular political party in India.


Congenital Hyperbilirubinemia & Syndromes

Congenital Hyperbilirubinemias and the associated syndromes are given below. 


Conjugated Hyperbilirubinemia 

Think: "CD ROM"

Conjugated: Dubin-Johnson syndrome & Rotor syndrome


Unconjuagted Hyperbilirubinemia

Think: "'Use CNG"

Unconjugted: Crigler-Najjar syndrome & Gilbert's syndrome


Serum Bilirubin: Normal range

" BIlirubin "


Think BI; B=2 and I=1


Thus, the normal value lies between 0.2-1 mg/dL.




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