Basic Sciences

Anatomical planes: coronal, horizontal, sagittal

Coronal: A classic painting of a saint will have a corona radiating around his head. [image:680 align=right size=300w] 

The plane of the canvas will be cutting his head in the coronal plane. The coronal plane divides the body into anterior and posterior portions.  

[image:679 align=right size=300w]

 Sagittal plane is the remaining one by default and it divides the human body into right and left portions.



Hepatitis viruses: Families

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  • Hepatitis A  : Picornavirus
  • Hepatitis B  : Hepadnavirus
  • Hepatitis C : Flavivirus
  • Hepatitis D : Delta virus
  • Hepatitis E : Hepevirus



Tarsal bones

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"Tiger Cubs Need MILC"

In order (right foot, superior to inferior, medial to lateral):


Inversion and Eversion muscles of leg

Think: Inversion and Eversion muscles of leg follow the "Second letter rule".

version muscles:

  • pEroneus longus
  • pEroneus brevis
  • pEroneus terius

 Inversion muscles:

  • tIbialis anterior
  • tIbialis posterior


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